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3 Tips on Implementing Digital Trucking
November 18, 2021

As 2022 rounds the corner, we at Walker Media Agency have a desire to provide you with crucial information on how to improve your trucking operation needs. It’s a guarantee that we’re invested in the revitalization of the trucking industry as much as you are.

In particular, we have three tips for implementing a digital trucking experience. Or in other words, we’re here to help start the digital transformation effort to make your new trucking operation implementation processes smoother.

1. Examining Actionable Data and Analytics

The first tip cuts right through the problem we’re all facing in the industry at the moment. Examining actionable data and analytics is business-critical for your operations.

Many trucking companies are understandably overwhelmed or unsure of how to proceed. So naturally, sifting through pre-organized data and analytics can seem like an unwarranted chore. But it doesn’t have to feel that way for your business.

In fact, as an example of some critical matrices, you can observe about your transportation business’ health, below is a barebones look at what data points you can watch out for:

  • Data on capacity and orders.
  • Data on delivery and payment histories.
  • Analytics can help with increasing the rate of effective decision-making.
  • Analytics can improve response time when disruptions occur.
  • Both data and analytics can increase the overall adaptability of newly implemented processes by cross-examination of details.

The entire process of interpreting your data and analytics can be daunting. Still, Walker Media Agency can help eliminate that natural hesitation you feel towards beginning to automate your pre-existing processes bogging your business down.

2. Streamlining Processes Through Automation

The second piece of advice understandably follows properly examining actionable data and analytics collected from the initial observation. Streamlining processes through automation for your trucking operation can improve the bottom line and improve efficiencies and effectiveness in getting your freights to each location.

Here are some points to be aware of while implementing any automation process for your trucking operations:

  • Automating port operations via Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). As described by Lidia Yan in her Forbes article, she stated the following regarding automating via A.I.: “TraPac (a Los Angeles based container terminal) has automated port operations with A.I.-enabled, robotically-powered systems for horizontal transport and automated cranes for container stacking and on-dock rail operations.”
  • Route optimization technology. Route optimization technology is best understood by Avi Geller’s statements from his article found on CCJDigital.com, “By taking data and constantly-changing variables like weather and construction into account, planners can assign drivers to routes that save time and reduce missed deliveries.”
  • Electronic scanning and document management: The following example comes from SupplyChain247.com’s article, in which we can glimpse into what an electronic scanning and document management system would look like if implemented successfully, “Providing drivers with a scanning platform can help simplify the document management process, with barcode scanning and pre-filled data fields to make scanning documents easier and eliminate manual steps for drivers.”

These are just three examples of how the streamlining process can look like for your business. The short-run hassle of implementing automation can reap long-term rewards for your business. It’s essential to keep in mind the goals you want to achieve for your transportation needs.

3. Implementing Proper Training Procedures for Employees

The final verdict on successfully mastering your organization’s digital transformation efforts is to ensure proper training procedures for your employees are in place.

As an overview, this is what successful training can look like in the trucking industry in today’s ever-evolving environment:

  • Schedule onsite training or virtual modules on any new automation or A.I.-driven developments.
  • Have a small (or large) team of workers from different groups act as a support network for all employees.
  • Create a Cloud-based database of comprehensive training information any employee can access.

Managing to get these three training tips implemented is a surefire way of being one step closer to reaching deep into your team’s natural strengths and weaknesses.

If you would like to share anything related to the trucking industry, feel free to reach out to us here on our Contact Us page for any further questions or comments! We’re immensely passionate about helping our clients with all aspects of their business and always like to find ways to tweak or improve pre-existing processes to their trucking-related operations.

We look forward to partnering up and getting some good work straightened out!

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