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Creative Services
We have a creative team ready to create your business website, ad designs, and copywriting content.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Are you looking for a full-service creative graphic design team? Here at Walker Media Agency, our in-house graphic designers can provide you with full-service print and digital deliverables. Some of the extensive experience our team members have include creating logos, pitch decks, social media content, banner ads, custom illustrations, typography, business cards, flyers, sales sheet, infographics, and much more.
Printing Services

Printing Services

If you need a high-resolution brochure, catalog, magazine, restaurant menu, or any other visual asset, we can provide you with top-quality work. We offer digital, sheet-fed, offset printing, and much more. No matter the complexity of the print job needed, we have you covered on all bases.
Packaging and Labels

Packaging and Labels

For packaging and labels, Walker Media Agency can cut through the hassle for you. We focus on developing a suitable package for any of your product needs. This includes designs for boxes, wrappers, other container types, and much more. If you’re looking for a labeling service, we can assist you with any text, design, symbol, logo, instructions, or other suggestions for your packaging needs.
Branding and Promotional Materials

Branding and Promotional Materials

Obtaining eye-catching merchandise, shirts, or sleek business cards, is not easy. But here at Walker Media Agency, we can provide you with the leverage your business needs. We also can help with other branding and promotional materials, such as graphics for direct mail graphics, product brochures, travel guidebooks, promotional fliers, creative leaflets, program and registration forms, and many other branding and promotional materials.
Video Production

Video Production

If you need help with the entire process of creating a video , Walker Media Agency has a production team that can provide you with the needed technical and on-the-ground support. Whether it’s a business marketing video, television commercial, music video, or other video production needs, our team can provide you with the quick turnaround timing needed for your project.
Animation Production

Animation Production

From planning and scriptwriting to storyboard and layouts, we provide a full-service animation production team for your creative business needs. Our team has tried-and-true experience with creating key animations and completing revisions as needed. Being able to offer full-animation production as well, Walker Media Agency’s team also can help with adding any finishing touches, special effects, and backgrounds to your dedicated project.


If you need a professional to help capture that special event or moment in either your life or your business’ life, we can help share that story with you. Amongst our photography team’s specialty, it includes both portrait and commercial photography. For portraits, we help take your pictures inside our studio or on-site at various requested locations in the Milwaukee area. For commercial photography, we can help anyone in the world take pictures that can be used in your business’ books, advertisements, and catalogs.
Drone Videography & Photography

Drone Videography & Photography

When it comes to capturing breathtaking aerial shots and stunning visuals, Walker Media Agency extends its expertise to Drone Videography and photography. Our production team, well-versed in the art of video creation, now takes your content to new heights – literally! From sweeping landscape shots to dynamic perspectives, our drone experts offer the technical finesse and on-the-ground skills essential for crafting captivating footage. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your business marketing, create an engaging television commercial, or add a cinematic touch to your music video, our team ensures a swift turnaround, delivering the elevated quality your project deserves. Discover the world from a new perspective with our Drone Videography & Photography services.


Our Method to Advancement

Understanding Your Goals

We’ll come to you! Let’s connect over coffee to better understand your business, your current operation, and how we could work together.

Roadmap Planning

Once we establish a brief, our team will come together and conceptualize how to support your efforts to reach your goals. Plus, we’ll evaluate whether a partnership would be a good fit for both parties. Then we’ll report back with a proposal for consideration.

Execute & Monitor

Once we sign a statement of work, we’ll dive into your business’ marketing and advertising efforts and make the necessary connections with key stakeholders. We’ll regularly work together to exceed goals and grow as a team.


Trusted By Brands Big and Small

Wisconsin Realtors Association
Wisonsin Homeowners Alliance
Premar Realty
Assisted Living Pharmacy Service
Wisconsin Institute For Law & Liberty
Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee
Potawatomi Hotel & Casino
100 Operations

What Our Clients Say About Us


As President of Hoffman Construction Company, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Walker Media Agency’s comprehensive revamp of our branding and advertising effort. From a dynamic website overhaul to captivating TV and Radio ads, innovative recruitment strategies, and striking billboards, their work has been a revelation. The team’s creativity, commitment, and strategic insight have not only enhanced our market presence but also elevated our ability to attract premier talent. Walker Media Agency is, without a doubt, the go-to partner for businesses ready to elevate their brand to the next level.

Chris Goss

Walker Media Agency revamped our email campaigns at Kowal Investment Group. They really got who we are and what we’re about, and it showed big time in the response we got. New faces, more calls, people talking about our company – it was exactly what we needed. They didn’t just throw stats at us but made sense of what works and what doesn’t, in a way that made us up our game. For anyone looking to get their message out and hit the right notes with potential clients, these are the go-to guys.

Aaron Kowal, CFP
Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor

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