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SEO in 2022: Tips for Pivoting Your Content (Part 3)
February 11, 2022
This is the third, and final part, to Rally Digital’s series on SEO in 2022. So far, in part one we shared with you the critical updates to SEO starting early February 2022. In part two we helped direct you in the right path to find ways to optimize your website to be found more easily.

In this final part, we will give you tips for pivoting your content in 2022 and beyond. We hope you find it as useful as we did while researching!

Tips for Pivoting Your Content

To wrap up this three part comprehensive guide, we will give you some helpful tips and suggestions for pivoting your content.

During a time of immense change for SEO for the major search engines, there are some crucial actions you can take to increase the visibility of your product, service, and website all at the same time.

Here are three key facts that are continuously helping to change the landscape of SEO:

  • Personalized Results for Potential Customers
  • Local SEO is Increasing
  • User Experience is Top Priority
Personalized results for potential customers come in the form of recent search history for that particular user. This means Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines will suggest any related or suspected products and services the user recently searched for online.

If you operate a merchandising business online, you can incorporate many different products that make sense for your brand. For example, if your clothing brand is marketable to primarily middle-aged mothers, you can look into potentially selling clothes for middle-aged fathers and children.

Pushing the envelope further, let’s say you also do some market research sampling to see how potential customers react to your online business selling toys for children. If there is generally positive sampling reception, you can implement this change by branching your website to include children’s toys.

For taking advantage of the major search engine’s bias to show personalized results to potential customers online based on their search history, you have endless possibilities to explore!

Local SEO has also been increasing since 2020 due to the shutdowns. Post-2020 has caused more consumers to try and find any shop, eatery, or business nearby to where they live due to convenience, safety concerns, or general curiosity of what’s nearby to a potential customer.

Here are some additional facts and tools to optimize your local SEO search trend:

  • Your business’s online reputation matters. Make sure to keep your reviews looking nice.
  • All website owners should be aware of Google My Business (GMB) and keep updated for their online business.
  • Video and written content can help increase your website’s visibility immensely.

User experience is a make-or-break reality for many online businesses. If a website isn’t optimized for mobile, doeosn’t have high functionality for end-users, or generally lacks integral features related to your business, you can face many complex challenges. Also, don’t forget that optimizing for faster page load times is another critical component to a positive user experience.

It’s not easy to try and find your voice in a sea of other competitors that can often take away potential business. However, as long as you keep an open mind, increase visibility by positioning your website as best as you can utilizing SEO and SEM, and make a clear brand image for your company online, we at (Rally Digital/Walker Media Agency) feel you will do just fine.

If you need further assistance with your SEO or SEM strategy, we can help provide results! Click here to contact us.

We look forward to a very successful partnership!

Matt Walker
Managing Director of Rally Digital

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