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The importance of a brand guide
March 8, 2023

What is a brand guide?

A brand guide is a set of styling “rules”. They are a template to guide your brand’s overall look and feel so you can build a visual identity for your audience to recognize across all platforms. The brand style guide outlines everything from your typography and color palette as well the personality/representation of your brand.

Why do I need a brand guide?

  1. Brand recognition/consistency
    Repetition drives brand recognition. Something as simple as using the same color scheme across each platform will significantly increase the number of consumers who can identify you.
  2. Business becomes tangible
    Brand guidelines help you pull together all the elements that makeup who you are, so you can build an identity beyond what you sell.
  3. Customer loyalty
    Consumers develop emotional connections with companies who share the same core values, and your brand guidelines help you translate those values to your audience in a unique way.
  4. Helps Design Team Work Faster
    Setting brand identity guidelines is easy to send your marketing efforts in the right direction before the ideation even starts. When a designer has brand guidelines, many of their design decisions have been made at the front end, allowing them to work on layout and export.
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